2017 Cannabis-Infused Alcohol Removed Sauvignon Blanc


For the time being, we can only ship to California residents. We will begin fulfilling orders as soon as possible and will keep you posted when we have an update on timing.



For the complete backstory, please check out the Origin page. Some of your questions answered below.

Why no alcohol?

Legally no one’s allowed to mix alcohol and THC. So while you may be bummed that we followed the rules here and took the alcohol out, you’ll be pleased to know each glass only has 35 calories and there are no hangovers in this bottle. You’re welcome.

How strong is it?

16mg of THC is in every bottle, which comes out to ~4mg of THC in each glass. If you are new to this dosage and mg thing, that is not particularly strong—the states permits up to 10mg per serving.  After one glass you won’t be thinking your couch is a hippo with short legs or anything. Our goal is not to kill you after you’ve had a few glasses. The goal is to get giggly and naked with someone. We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place.

Similar concept with booze–if you want to get wasted– rip some shots, if you want to get really stoned– take some dabs.

What is the palette?

This is a California Sauvignon Blanc and has every character of it. It has high acid, with bright citrus, and a crisp clean finish. Our blend does not taste strongly of marijuana; instead, the Sauvignon Blanc powers the mouthfeel. It’s crisp, refreshing and best served naked.

Problems with orders?

Even though marijuana sales are legal in Califonia, they are still federally illegal. For us (and everyone in the marijuana industry) to accept credit cards we use non-us based credit card processors. Because the charge shows up as coming from out of the U.S., your bank may flag it as fraudulent.
Please be patient with us, this is a first on many things, so if your card gets declined, give us a call at 775-240-9902 or email: getnaked@rebelcoast.com and we will process the transaction over the phone.


Our goal is to get this amazing stuff into your hand as soon as possible, once the laws are in place and we can do so legally. We are working day and night to speed things up, but a lot of this is out of everyone’s hands.  But, to guarantee this bottle gets to you (wherever you live in CA) we are partnering with some of the biggest delivery services shortly and whoever we partner with will deliver our Sauvignon Blanc and a delightful experience.  All you will need, and I can’t believe I am typing this, but all you will need is your California ID saying you are over 21… How freaking wild is this??